Email To SMS Service

Send text alerts, appointment reminders and SMS confirmation messages

With TextMagic, sending a text from an email address is simple, efficient, and reliable. We simply convert your email into a text message and deliver it, with all replies then arriving as emails.

How it works

Just address an email to the phone number you want to text followed by and click send. We will then process your email and deliver it as an SMS within seconds. Any software package that sends emails can send texts through this service – there is no need for costly integration.

SUBJECT: Write your message subject here
BODY: Write the body of your message here. Both subject and body will be sent as SMS.

Email to SMS features

Here are just a few ways that business owners are using our email to SMS service:

  1. Appointment reminders – Send texts to remind customers about appointments for haircuts, dental check-ups etc.
  2. Small loan notifications – Send reminders to customers when loan applications have been accepted or when payments are due.
  3. Insurance policy renewal reminders – You can send SMS reminders to customers whose insurance policies are about to expire and need to renew.
  4. Website and hardware monitoring alerts – When something breaks at 2 a.m. and an email alert is unlikely to get through, use a text alert to wake your IT team.
  5. Booking confirmations – Booking software can be SMS enabled to notify staff of new hotel reservations.
  6. Satisfaction surveys – You can boost survey feedback by switching from email to SMS. The average response rate to a business SMS is 15-30% - way above email.
  7. Important updates – Vital information has to travel fast, making an SMS the most effective way to send it and make sure it is actually read.
  8. Password confirmations – It is much safer to send a password reminder directly to a customer's phone than their email inbox.
  9. Last-minute offers – When the clock is ticking, you cannot afford to wait until people read emails. An SMS will be read quickly, meaning you'll get a much better response rate.
  10. Debt collection – Double your response rate and save time by contacting your users by text.

Learn how to do it with this handy video or simply get in touch if you have any questions.

Video about Email to SMS

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